Water Damage Restoration

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A professional water damage restoration company knows that you need fast action when you’re dealing with water damage in Los Gatos. We proudly offer Los Gatos water damage repair services to protect your home and help you minimize damage. Even if you don’t live in an area that’s prone to flooding, an accident can still leave your house flooded with water and in desperate need of immediate attention.

Bacteria and Viruses

We offer water damage repair Los Gatos 24/7 to better protect your family’s health. Standing water poses a risk to the structure, but the bacteria in that water can threaten your family. If your toilet exploded and sent dirty water all over the floor, then you’re going to have concerns about the raw sewage.

Other emergencies may come from stationary bodies of water in your home. Fish-tank water damage can occur slowly over time, but it’s just as devastating. In addition to worrying about the standing water, you also need to have bacteria eliminated and cleaned away.

Preventing Other Problems

Emergency water damage repair Los Gatos is aimed at minimizing the problems you’re facing. With the water dried and removed, you won’t have to worry about the growth of mildew or that musty odor. If the water has been in place for some time, you can also trust us to sanitize and disinfect mold and mildew to protect your family. This service is available for homes, apartments and even RVs.

Close Attention to Detail

When you call us for water damage restoration, you can count on us for meticulous work. We start by removing the standing water, but then we look for other issues that need to be addressed. Drying air ducts located beneath the source of the flood will prevent problems with mold and protect your indoor air quality. We use high-quality machines for water extraction to eliminate as much humidity as possible, then we bring in dehumidifiers to get the moisture out of these hidden areas.

Inspections for a Full Picture

Water can move around, so you need an accurate picture of the damage in your home. While high tide damage may have been limited to your basement, storms with high winds can result in serious roof water damage. We’ll thoroughly inspect your home to ensure that all affected areas are pinpointed and corrected. This includes crawl space water damage after pipes blew up/exploded or a storm drain backed up.

Whether your flooding comes from roof damage or radiator leaks, you can count on us for top quality service and competitive rates. We’ll work hard to minimize the damage and help get your home back in order. Call Carpet Cleaning Los Gatos today to request service.


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